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Friday, February 26, 2010


Regardless if they are 3 or 30 years old,they are really just a lil kid at heart,lol
why would i say that?first ,i live with a 4 year old lil kiddy cat name Santa..u tell me if he act like a kid or not!

acting all cute like a kid..

sulking like a lil kid..who couldnt get to eat his candies..

hiding under the cover like a lil kid!

sleeping with me like a lil kid!

Then there's my bro!


he thought he look all cute acting like a silly kid!lol

And then there is Francis..

Francis Chen: Hi. My name is Francis. I'm a Cancer... and I'm gonna put a baby in you.

who post nosensical stuff like this on facebook like a lil kid,lol

sorry baby,dont be mad!!it's just an example!lol..
See..all this..just prove,men regardless of what age they are,they act like a kid!pls dont get me wrong,it not a bad thing tho!cos i need them to act like a kid at time afterall so i can laugh like a lil kid! lol


me playin with a bunch of bananas like a lil kid!


  1. ha and u told me u weren't a kid! :-P but i think deep down you really are. nothin wrong it that Rin! have fun it is the best way to be ;-)