Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Thought on Thought

I think that all higher animals - primates, mammalian and ornithic pets, etc. 'think' to a certain extent.

Why do I think?
There is no alternative.
I am condemned to think,
To be obsessed with thinking—
But so is my cat.


Rin Yamada

does my cat actually think??

This is what happen when im sick and cant do shit and bored outa my fuckin mind,lol
Some of you might think i think too much,i admit i do esp when i have nothin to do,and when i am sick..im a lil delirious..lol..or maybe im just weird..

Im feelin slightly better now,but i still sound like a man!lol..i cant sing.. :( so when im not thinking,im practicing my guitar,and now my fingers are kinda hurting too..less than a week now till im back home,my bro called me and told me my dad brought me a new car,honda civic si coupe,totally not my style,i wonder if he gonna get mad at me if i do a trade in..


And daddy.if u r reading this now,i wanna say,it so sweet of u!i misses u and cant wait to see u! xoxoxo your daughter love you!