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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The person i dread most

is here,and its no other than my ex.We met at The living room(Marriott hotel).here is how the conversation goes...

L-sit,what do you wanna drink?
Me-coke will be fine.so you said u wanna talk,im here now,wassup
L-is that how you talk to your bf???
Me-we broke up remember?
L-that was just a time out,not beak out.
Me-bullshit,you know we broke up,i made that clear enough in bangkok.
L-come on now Rin,you had your fun,now it time to come back,((to him))
Me-Louise,we broke up and im going back home!can we just drop this conversation and let moved on?please?
L-you are not going anywhere except back to bangkok with me,your mom worried and want us married asap.
Me-god save me!we broke up and im going back cali.
L-you are seeing another bloke right,behind my back,is that why you wouldnt come back to me?huh?
Me-Im seeing someone but that was after we no longer together!
L-full of crap that what you are!
Me-whatever ok
L-who is he?what does he do?you think he can take care of you like i do?
Me-its nothing to do with you.
L-that so?you are so worng n naive then
L-You are coming back,i got your ticket ready.
Me-no i am not going anywhere cept home to cali
L-we'll see
Me-whatever,i gotta go now,this conversation is going nowhere
L-wait!let sit down n talk thing thru,u need to come to your senses.
Me-NO louise,you need to move on!im going,please let me go if you wany me to be happy.
L-come back...Rin!

I got up n left.....

Im feeling fustrated n upset why this is happening to me,but nothing is gonna change my mind about going home to cali,period..now let talk about something more pleasant...
I had yoga class,and my body feeling kinda tired but totally relax,im hoping i get a good night sleep tonight!talking to my ex always make me wanna down a whole bottle of cough mixture,i wonder if you know what i mean,

I got a call from my brother,and he told me he landed in miami safe,talk to him for a lil on msn while he sent me his latest pict!


No offense bro,i love you very much n think the world of you,but you're still the biggest dork in the world!haha,dont be mad,I love You!

And well,my real highlight of the day,i talked to my special someone on the phone for more than an hour and cam chat too,mine didnt work very well,hopefully tomorrow we can cam chat again(after his more than 18 hours work day! =(

All in all today is a rather good day for me!


I miss you babe!

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