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Friday, February 5, 2010

~ Suck My Blog ~

My blog hates your blog.blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Hahaha..I guess im like crazy weird up right this moment from been too freaken bored and tired and stressed up!I have been babysitting my 3 year old niece the whole day!ever babysit a 3 year old hyperactive girl?god!it was horrid,first she wanna play doctor so she can inject me all over,when she inject me for the 20th time,i said a big fat NO!And you know what she told me in her cute baby voice(do you love me?if you love me,you let me inject you)how can i say no?

She always hungry! i think she ate like,let me count..4x breakfast,5x lunch,and 4x dinner!how the hell she store those food in her stomach??

one min she wanna watch barney,the next,she wanna play doctor,after that she wanna colour her barbie books,and the next she wanna cut my hair!the list go on n on and she wont take her nap no matter how much i coax and plead with her.when my cousin came home,I was like thanks my Fxxx god you are back!!lol
but no matter what i still love u tho my lil pumkin sahyenne!

And today i miss HIM like crazy!well,the special someone i mentioned that work 18 hours a day and have no time for me!but no matter what,i still cant wait to come back home to you!miss miss miss baby! kissssssssssssssss

Now that i vent it all out,im feelin so much better!And no clubbin for me tonight!Too damn tired!


23 days left babe! =)

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