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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You're the Guy

You make me laugh
with the things you say

When I talk to you
there’s always a twinkle in my eye

You’re modest
which is so sweet

You know how to make me smile
and want to just kiss you

I get all bubbly
with butterflies in my stomach

I know how to make you all excited
when I say but a few words

You’re cute
even with the glasses!!!

I think about you a lot
even when I don’t mean to

You’re the kind
I want my dad and bro to meet

I want to be held in your arms
where I know, you’ll never let me go

I’m always happy
when we talk to each other

You’re great
to tell all my innermost secrets to

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say
that you’re the guy for my sanity, my happiness, me

Rin Yamada


My ideal of perfect looking guy!lol

Ok,nothing much to say about today except it's just Perfect! =D
Babysit,read a lil with santa by my side...
Hmmm..and my bro called just being nosy and all as ever! lol
Good night everyone,good night baby!


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