Monday, February 1, 2010

Make me smile a lill longer please

I smiled like a million time today :-) okok,not a million time but kinda close.Ever feel that you sometimes smile at the slighless thing?then some moments when you receieve a call,you have a big SMILE?and sometimes when you are doing random things you found yourself smiling silly like a dork? =)well,this happen to me today,and im feelin' good.

I wish this feelin would last me a life time,but im happy even if its only for today,if god could see or hear me now,please make me smile a lil longer? =)

I am happy,and i am happy that im happy and happy that im smiling alot =) lol

I went to visit a friend in jail today just to say good bye.I truely wish for him that he will smile like me one day.

For Him...Oki

One sweet smile from you

One sweet smile from you,
can let me out of my blue.
One sweet smile & a word,
that would make my day forever.
One sweet smile will do,
can live me again through & through.
One sweet smile and a word from you,
saying you love me too...
Wait I know it can't be;
Because you really didn't know me,
Saying no words is fine with me;
but your smile don't forget to give....

Rin Yamada


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