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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Am i weird..

just because i find watching elephants giving birth fasinating?lol,I guess my guy think i am cos i suppose he never ever heard of a girl love to see an elephants give birth,lol..

See the main reason why it fasinate me so much cos,i enjoys watching and expreience a new life ermerching even if its in the form of an animal,human giving birth are definatly kool too,but i rather not watch,cos it might spoil the expreience for myself,i rather expreience it thru an actual birth than thru watching it,beside,i am afraid to be scare to give birth in future if it turn intto a horror show!

This is a video shot of an elephant giving birth,it kinda short cos this is at the end of birthing,it actually take 2 days for an elephants to give birth,how i admire the adurance of pain it goes thru.

And the facts that i love elephants,cos it thet biggest and one of the most gentle animal in the world,i could go on and on,but i dont wanna bored u guys,if u wish to know more,i rather you goggle it yourself than me writting an essay on elephants,lol..I hate essay!

Now,let get back to real life,my life!lol..nothing much happening,cept my niece was sick and i looked after her,and i am enjoying every moment with my guy.

From tomorrow onwards,i be busy,as the chinese new year renuion dinner actually start,i have like 3 dinners to go to,and 4 homes to visit before i can actually take a plane and fly back home.

I met with my friend Dave for a lil bit,when he came help me spring clean my stuff.Dave is one of my very BFF in singapore!and one of the greatest person i ever met!


He might look mean,but trust me,he all candy floss!-grin-


He helped me sort this out,isnt he great or what!lol

Singapore is great but i cant wait to go home soon!


counting down...

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