Wednesday, February 17, 2010

True Love? ?

I wonder...Does true Love really exist? ?
If it does, I ask...Where or Who is It? ?

Is there a pure and unconditional Love out there? ?
A real Love? ? not the love of a friend, a brother or a mother? ?

Is Love the world best selling fiction? ?
The most elaborated and yet believable deception? ?

Are the phrases: 'soul mate, ' 'significant other, ' 'my one and only' a real charade? ?
The right person is an illusion, but is the true love or marriage a whole parade? ?

Why does passion not last forever? ?
Have a perennial partner love existed, ever? ?

Is Love just another universal cliché? ?
Is there someone that proves I'm wrong and makes me say 'touché! '? ?

Rin Yamada

I guess staying home with nothing much to do alwaya make me think too much.lol
but i have been sleeping rather well despite no air condition and some certain upsets the last couple of days,this evening,i'll have to go back my cousin's place,will i sleep as well?i really hope so.


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