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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


There is no point for me to put on makeup because the weather in singapore was terribly hot.My makeup may melt if I actually did. There are certain places where I used to go very often in singapore but it's to freaking HOT!So i rather stay home,Watch DVDs, read a book, blog, play with the lil babe, etc.. Feel free to suggest me if you can think of something fun to do at home.Remember drink plently of water to keep yourself dehyrated!


Some people love to read and some read to kill time. Boredom kills the brain cells so might as well just read. And i do really love books with a passion.
The winner stands alone by one of my favorite author, Paulo Coelho.


I read through a quarter of this book already and hopefully I have time to finish it.
My favorite spot to read but not during summer. I was there reading my book for 10 minutes maximum because I couldn't stand the heat


I rather go for sauna.
Or play with a tiny "Emily". She is so adorable


Living a lie

What if one day you wake up in the morning and you suddenly find no peace, no justice, no love, and no mercy between mankind..
Then why do we call ourselves a mankind? Learning to love all humanity and share the beauty of the truth, makes every interaction
-smoother and lighter, and that's when life gets easier. "Love", most of us define as it is personal, based on experience with a person
or thing. "The Great Love" is not selective; giving more than you takes and expect nothing in return. Let's get to the point.

(skip this content if you are not interested in political)

Thailand's current political crisis

Firstly, I have to apologize in advance for not going into all the details in this political matters as I think it could be a sensitive issue.
Many of my friends have actually asked me on which side I'm supporting. Red or Yellow? I'm not too sure how to give an answer to
this question (or maybe I prefer to keep it to myself for now...) It's not easy to judge people by what you hear about them especially
when it comes to politics. I personally judge by the outcome. It's better to see things from all sides, not just one.

Don't you find it's interesting to know why the number of Red-shirt people is increasing everyday? Why are they willing to do every
things for ex-PM Thaksin to come back? Many could actually see that ex-PM really did something great for Thailand. Even through
I'm not his supporter but please kindly take note that I'm focusing on the positives only. Here is a few examples of what he has done
to improve Thailand's economy and the living standards of Thai people. 1) Bangkok traffic used to be worst than what you see now.
2) Suvarnabhumi Airport, it was a total success. 3) Help the poor with 30Baht scheme health plan/care/promotion

As of today, 23 people are dead and hundreds injured after weekend killings. It's really a sadness after I went through some images &
videos of violent clashes. Let's all pray to those victims as well as those families who have lost loved one's during the clashes.Hoping
for a quick end. Bring back the land of beautiful smiles, and most importantly, people spirits.

Last but not Least.

Just to share a smile for a second. Just watch this his video. :) have a good day.

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  1. Kind of sad what happen in Thailand every few years. I was trap there for a week when then yellow closed the airport but at less that time nobody die.