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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Suffering Of The Poet

That poem was so difficult to compose
it caused so much heartache and pain.
Repeatedly I returned to its structure
and rewrote it again and again.

I struggled to find the words
that conveyed what I wanted to say.
The reality of failure became so close,
it was only a knife edge away.

So annoyed that it wouldn’t come together,
so frustrated that I faced defeat.
My inner turmoil tore my psych to shreds,
until I’d conquered the written sheet.

Rin Yamada

I have not written a poem i could be proud of for sometimes,amid these weeks of distress had given me what i suppose people call writers block.Am i fine now?i dont know yet,but i know im still breathing tho.


I think i look like hell,yea? lol


  1. Little angel from above,
    Fallen tumble down to earth,
    Broken wings and teary eyes,
    Nobody seems to hear your cry,
    Worried sadden feeling alone,
    Hopping somebody will heal your wound,
    Never give up on what’s call life,
    As God has a plan for you in mind,
    Maybe soon the plan unfold,
    And bring sunshine back to your rainy sky.

  2. will it really?bring sunshine back to my rainy sky?

  3. Lost in the ocean,
    Vessel out at sea,
    Starlet from the Heaven,
    Captain that is she,
    Darken Horizon,
    Ragging Stormy Sea,
    Divine intervention,
    Fate brought her to me,
    Claim water harbour,
    Shelter she hopes to see,
    Resting in my embracement,
    Dreaming of what to be.

  4. =)this is really sweet,it did bring a smile for a tiny moment,thank you.

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  6. Rest well and don't worry. I'll be here with you handling your hand and walking through this darken period of your life.