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Friday, June 4, 2010

He did sexually abuse me

My tears cant stop flowing,my old wound have yet open itself once again,how could he did it to a 9 year old me then,and he who suppose to love me the most and protect me,my father ,had betrayed me yet again and again even now when i had forgiven him yet he did it to me again and said he love me, i cant go on breathing,it hurt so much with every single breath i take,that i want to make myself stop breathing altogether.

im hurting so much now and there is no hurt worst than this,i wanna ask god to take me away from this place call earth forever.i dont wanna suffer this pain no more.god,please help me take away this pain,stop my tears and the pain of my heart like a knife cutting my fresh bit by bit and day by day,i cant go on no more,no more,help me merciful god pls.

now i feel like im back at 9 year old lil girl again,and there's nobody here for me.i never wanted to mention it and keep it locked deep inside my soul,but i have to write it down somewhere,or i will go crazy with grieve and pain.

why wont you love me like a normal father daddy?why did u say u still love me,if u do,why did this to me?what have i done wrong?where are u mummy?why wouldnt you protected me from him and ran away instead.

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