Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sad and Disappointed

Yes,i am extremely sad for Thailand,what she have had became today,where is the thailand that i love so much?who is really at fault here?The thai goverment or the red shirt?

Im not a smart person when it come to polititcal issues,but what i know and strongly feel,if the red shirts carry on what they are doing now,they are not only destroying their country and unconsiously or maybe fully aware their very own loves one, families and children are suffering due to their action.

So i say STOP THE RED SHIRT!burn it all if possible!bring back the peaceful and wonderful thailand that so many people love!why bring so much unrest to the citizens and country!violence is never a solution!dont be fool that this is a peaceful protest!

I know my writting this blog would offend numberous people,but i just wanna speak my mind!if i could ever have a chance,i wish to fly to bangkok right now and stop the red shirt and make them see sense,but then i would be killed or gunned down or whatever violence they might use on me ,wont i? haha

My mom is still in bangkok,I pray to Jesus christ our god to keep her safe.


Red shirt violence!

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