Sunday, April 11, 2010

If I Were

If I were a princess and you were a king,
Would you make me your queen?

If I were a blood-sucking vampire
And you were terrrified of anything human,
Would you mind if I bit you?

If I were a beautiful flower and you were a bat,
Would you eat me?

If I were anything in the whole world,Would you care and notice me?

Rin Yamada


do u like my drawing?

ok,let talk a lil about my weekend,i get so much rest at home now,i dont know what to do with myself,poem written,drawing done,what's next?i guess i dont appreciate free time much.lol,am i a werido?i feel almost like santa,lazy doing nothing much when i know i should do something more productive,and i was kinda moody again,anyway,tomorrow's a new day,and im sure it be better!(^_-)


at least i've gotton enough rest to last me a life time...

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  1. wow. so much free time but still no time to talk? ah well. guess we're never actually gonna hang out...