Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jesus Help

It 127 am in singapore and i cant sleep,even though i took 4 valium,it have been this way for the past one week.I think it the stress of going home.I left home 3 years ago and came to asia and never look back since,but now i am tired as hell,and wanna go back home,counting down the days till 28th feb 2010,where i will catch a flight back to la.no place to stay yet,so it's back to my old dad home.

Is he still mad at me?I dont wanna think too much atm.I went for a pedicure and a massage earlier,but that doesnt help much,well,till the day,right now i dont wanna think no more.

Mommy want me to move to bangkok to stay with her n her new family for good,but i just cant,not after what happened.


This song is how i feel at the moment>

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